Good bye Blog

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This is, sadly to say, my last blog entry. I will not be attending Mrs. Frascht’s awesome class next year and I am sad. :,( I can honestly say it doesn’t feel like the last, maybe just the first or second. This year flew by and I will miss it. I had an amazing time in Mrs. Frascht’s class and I hope everyone in the future will too. Have a good one.




this is better

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 lots and lots I hope she likes it!!!!! i think she likes it alot better than my teddy bear

This is what I did today….

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I don’t think Mrs. Frascht likes my teddy bear ­čÖé

Almost done :)

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Just Have to put everything on my board and start my wall thingy. I’ll also be send Mrs. Frascht links to all my favorite work as well as posting them on here.

Finished my promotional letter, think it’s correct but not for sure. Also edited 2 personal pics which are like WOW on the difference.

Promotional letter:

Edited pic 1:



Edited pic 2:


After(but this isn’t done)

2 second post

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I worked on my display board.

I’m not a vampire!

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­čÖé Today I’m donating blood. Wish me luck! Hope I don’t bleed to death. Lol

I also didn’t accomplish much today, just worked on my introductory promotional letter a little.

Today has been a lazy-ish day.

No Focus

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Today I couldn’t focus on getting anything done, I spent a good hour moving all my work to my thumb drive and back up drive. After that it was like all my creativity went out the window…meh… :/ all i have let is my introductory promotional letter and the display board. Going to work on those tomorrow… probably.